Pregnancy: Weeks 17 & 18

Flutters. Kicks. And Pillows. Oh my!


Movement.  I have been feeling flutters since week 13, but only in hindsight is it clear that was the baby.  It wasn’t until Week 17 that I could definitively say I felt the baby.  At first, it felt like taps from the inside.  On 17+6, I felt real kicks for the first time, and maybe even a flip!  I was just working away and getting increasingly hungry when I felt a kick – I guess he was getting hungry too!  He kicked again and again, so up and to the kitchen I went!  So far there is no consistency, but I will take it!

Trouble Sleeping.  Now that my uterus seems to be sitting higher, I can sleep a good 8-9 hours without needing to wake up to use the bathroom.  However, sleeping on my left side as much as possible is difficult.  I bought the pregnancy C-pillow and actually slept worse with it than without!  I have a whole system of the C-pillow + regular pillows going on now, but it is hit-or-miss most nights.

Energy.  I have been waiting for the second trimester energy everyone talks about to kick in!  I stopped having that debilitating first trimester fatigue around week 12, but I have still been more tired than usual.  During the 18th week, the energy kicked in though!  I felt my appetite suddenly increase and my energy levels soar!  Sure, I am pretty much useless after 8pm, but that is an improvement from 4pm!

Otherwise, with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a healthy posture, I have been able to avoid most of the other pains and symptoms so far!

Food Cravings

Week 17 was all about salt (CHIPS!!!!) and week 18 was all about chocolate – the good dark stuff.  Oh and eggs – they are the first thing I think about in the morning!  I used to love them scrambled, but now I can only stand them fried/over-medium/hard-boiled, which is funny because I HATED hard-boiled eggs pre-pregnancy.

I also had the resurfacing of an aversion these weeks – chicken!  I still don’t really want chicken unless covered by lots of flavor/sauce.

What I Actually Ate

My appetite increased in Week 18 from my normal pre-pregnancy level.  I find the bump is larger in the evenings and making it hard to eat a full dinner so I usually eat larger breakfasts and lunches, and then a light dinner followed by snacks.

See my instagram for more details on what I am eating, but most days follow a simple formula:

Breakfast: 2-3 eggs + 2-4 servings of vegetables + 1/2 cup sweet potatoes + 1/2 avocado (sometimes)

Snack 1: 1/2 GoMacro bar or 1/2 avocado (if I didn’t have it at breakfast) with crackers or chips

Lunch: Tacos or Quinoa Bowl with lots of protein

Snack 2: Granola or Kale Chips or Fruit/Sweet Potatoes with coconut yogurt or Smoothie

Dinner: Gluten-Free Pasta or small Quinoa Bowl

Snack 3: Pregnancy Tea with splash of unsweetened cranberry juice + squares of chocolate, toast with avocado or sunflower butter, lamb burger (if tolerated), sweet potato wedges with coconut yogurt…sometimes I have all of this!


I stuck to my usual routine of strength-training workouts Monday-Friday, prenatal yoga on Saturday, and rest day Sunday.  I started adding in some of the yoga stretches during the week in the evenings to keep things loose, and to create a sense of room/space in my front body when the belly is larger.

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