Pregnancy: Weeks 15 & 16

Hello second trimester!!! I haven’t had first trimester symptoms in a couple of weeks, so my “magic middle” started a little early, and I am happy about that!

Up until week 10, the weeks seemed to pass by agonizingly slow, but now I feel like I am another week along every time I look up! I am constantly reminding myself to stay present and be grateful for where I am in this pregnancy rather than wishing for a bigger bump or the days before I woke up each night to use the bathroom.  This time is fleeting and I want to soak up every moment!


Currently, I am LOVING pregnancy! Sure, I have symptoms I didn’t have to deal with before, I no longer sleep through the night, and I get tired more easily than before, but I feel more in my element than ever! But let’s talk more about the symptoms.

Constipation. This is common for many expecting mamas, and I should have known with my previous IBS issues, that this would be a top symptom for me.  I have found relief in a diet full of veggies, proper hydration, chia seeds, and 1-2 prunes each evening as needed.

Nesting. I started really noticing all the things around the house that need to get done before baby, and wanting to make lists of everything we should put on a registry or purchase. I made a list of house projects and my husband and I have been tackling a little at a time. Our goal is to be done with projects (except filling the nursery) by the end of October so we can relax over the holidays and focus our weekends on fun, friends, and each other.

The Bump.  Oh he’s there alright! I ordered a bunch of maternity clothes options online at stores with free shipping and returns now that the bump has arrived.  So far, maternity jeans are awful.  I found one pair from Topshop that actually stays up and the denim is soft, so they may become my only pair!

Self-Doubt. Not exactly a symptom, but I felt this was worth noting. I got caught up in the comparison trap this week, and constantly wondered if my bump was too big, if I was eating enough, why my appetite was still normal, if I was having too much decaf coffee, etc.  I told my husband that I wasn’t sure I was doing this (i.e. pregnancy) “right” as if there is a right way.  This also happened to be the week a lot of people offered pregnancy “advice” to indulge, eat everything I was craving, and just relax.

Now don’t get me wrong, I believe pregnancy is definitely not the time to diet or start a crazy workout routine.  But I don’t plan on daily indulgences of foods that don’t work well for my body (gluten, cheese, refined sugar, caffeine, popcorn, etc.) even if I am craving them.  A way I do self-care is by nourishing my body.  I want to feel my best – highly energized, regular, clear skin, no aches, sleeping well – as long as I can and for me, staying away for certain foods is key for that.

I focused even more on listening to my body, rather than to what my brain or others told me was “right”, and found a good groove.  I believe my body will tell me what to eat and when, but I also know periods of self-doubt are completely normal!

Food Cravings

Grilled cheese sandwiches with plenty of butter!!  I usually only crave this for dinner or post-dinner, probably because I am tired and don’t want to cook.  I also find myself craving more warming foods even though it is the middle of summer. Oh and KALE CHIPS!

What I Actually Ate

Based on my body’s cravings, I started eating more carbs this week than I normally do.  All I wanted was bread and pasta, so I ate more quinoa, sweet potatoes, lentils, and yes, some bread and those cravings calmed down.  My instagram account @gheeful has posts of what I ate, and if there is interest, I will do a What I Ate in A Day: Second Trimester Edition post.  Just let me know!


I am currently working out 5-6 days a week.  Monday through Friday, I choose to either walk 2-3 miles or do 30 minutes of strength workouts at home (think squats, light weights, lunges, etc.).  On Saturday, I go to prenatal yoga and then I take Sundays off.

I was actually apprehensive about prenatal yoga.  I am typically a barre or running girl, but I also wanted to incorporate exercise that was more about stretching and alignment rather than just building muscle.  I also wanted to try out a class specifically for expecting mamas.  A friend asked me to go along, so I went, and turns out I LOVE it! My back felt so much better after one class, and I actually started sleeping better after two classes thanks to sleeping position suggestions from the instructor.  And the community of 50 mamas in one room and the idea of increasing our flexibility and strength in preparation for motherhood just got me!  This is definitely something I will keep up as long as I can.

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