Pregnancy: Week 12

This week felt a little like a setback since last week.

The day I hit week 11, I just felt worse!  I felt tired, weak and nauseous all over again (potentially from having a lot of blood drawn the night before) and had to cancel plans and stay on the couch.  It was frustrating to think I had turned the corner with the first trimester symptoms to only have them return, but hey, such is life!

I am still experiencing fatigue, but nothing like a couple weeks ago.

This week was also the waiting for the genetic testing results.  I was less nervous than I thought I would be, and everything came back alright!  We also learned that baby is a BOY! I instantly felt more attached to the baby upon learning this, and had some more fears of miscarrying, but I feel at this point, I might as well celebrate because worrying won’t help.

This was also the week we told most people we were expecting, and that made me so much more excited – to see the excitement of everyone else!

Symptoms: I am still having some round ligament pain.  It is uncomfortable, but not that annoying.  My digestion is still slower than I would like, so I am getting serious about my fiber + chia seeds + magnesium protocol.

Sleepless nights returned.  I think I am worried that eventually I should not lay on my back, so I keep tossing and turning trying to find comfort.  Even though I barely have a bump, it may be time to get a pregnancy pillow…

This was the first week that I woke up each morning with noticeable growth in the belly area.  In weeks past, I had a “bump” at night, but it was gone in the morning, and now there is just a little something there in the morning.  It is large enough that sleeping on my stomach has become a little uncomfortable.

Cravings: They are far less strong now, probably because I can once again eat my usual veggies, meat, eggs and sweet potatoes!  Buuuuuuut I still really want a grilled cheese and sourdough bread haha.  I also find myself wanting more berries, peaches, and bananas than I usually want, but I have no problem giving into that craving (in moderation of course).

Aversions: none!

What I Actually Ate: Regular meals are back!! Yes, I now hard boil instead of soft boil my eggs, but otherwise, I am back to my pre-pregnancy foods.  I did have a meltdown though because I am too tired to cook my regular meals, but am happy to eat them.  My meals mostly follow this formula: 1/2 cup carbs + 2-4 ounces protein + 1-2 tablespoons fat + veggies especially greens.  Extras like fruit, seeds and superfoods are usually included in smoothies or thrown on top of salads.

Workouts: Same as last week: strength training a couple times and a couple of walks.

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