Pregnancy: Week 10

It seemed like as soon as I hit 9 weeks and entered into my 10th week, the food aversions, cravings, and nausea went away.  But the exhaustion HIT HARD

I am also having a lot of bloating this week from hormones and eating things I don’t normally eat like bread and brown rice pasta.  Since I noticed the aversions were down, I decided to try to get back to my normal veggie-heavy diet as much as I could, and give my system a break from gluten and pasta.  I also felt my appetite increase this week, and started figuring out what my body needed more of.  I have felt hungry and light-headed with some numbness in my limbs as it has been really hot here (I usually eat less when its hot), so I am just trying to adjust.

Sleeping was a struggle this week.  The temps were in the 80s, and we don’t have AC, so while I usually like to sleep with an inside temp of 62, it was 74-88 in our house at bedtime.  Coupled with vivid dreams and waking up at night (I usually sleep straight through 8 hours without waking, and never use the bathroom in the night), I was a littlegrumpy this week.  Also, I could just not find comfortable positions.

We heard the heartbeat briefly by dopplar at 9+5!! I cried because the night before I had a dream with 3 dead babies in it (THANKS hormones for vivid dreams!) and I was just so afraid of having a missed miscarriage.  It was so quick, but it did bring some relief to my miscarriage worries.  That was Father’s Day and we also told our parents on that day.  They were so excited!  My parents have wanted a grandkid probably since right after my little sister was born – they just love them some babies! And since this will be the first grandbaby on both sides, everyone is thrilled.

Symptoms: exhaustion, bloating/constipation, vivid dreams (this has been happening every single night since 10 days post ovulation)

Cravings: grilled cheese, specifically sharp cheddar on sourdough. I actually googled pictures of grilled cheese sandwiches this week to look at. Don’t judge.

Aversions: large salads and chicken

What I Actually Ate: This week’s barrier to food wasn’t aversions but exhaustion. I had zero energy to cook anything.  It looked a lot like last week including:

  • Eggs scrambled with ghee + zucchini + spinach every morning

  • Mini grassfed beef burgers topped with avocado

  • Nachos with Siete lime chips, grassfed beef and bell peppers

  • Sardine salad

  • Lots of water!

Workouts: Hahahaha. I was sooo tired that I got one short HIIT workout in and considered this a triumph!

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