Ellington's Eats: Seven Months Old

By popular demand, I am sharing what Ellington eats in a day! I will periodically share updates here on the blog as his diet changes, but always feel free to ask me questions!

While he is currently 8 months old, I wanted to go back and give insight on what his daily diet looked like at 7 months old, when we were at only two meals per day.

Before embarking on solids, I decided to let Ellington lead the way! I planned to follow his cues on when to add meals and snacks and reduce breastmilk, as long as he was still growing and developing appropriately. Well, just as he was with breastmilk, once he got a taste, he demanded more. We moved to two meals per day (and we are now at three meals per day) much earlier than I anticipated and it was stressful to keep up with meal planning new ideas, preparing the food, and cleaning it up! I wish I could tell you how to make it effortless, but I think adjusting to any new routine is hard until it isn't - at least for me! I do hope this post can give you some ideas or a rhythm to follow if you're struggling. It does get easier!

So let's dive into a typical day with 2 meals/day!

Other parameters:

  • I am exclusively pumping, so the bottle amounts you see below are breastmilk.

  • Ellington was not sleeping through the night yet, and woke up 1-2 times for bottles. We did not try to night wean him, but he eventually did it on his own at 8 months.

  • Overall, he had 7-8 bottles of breastmilk (5 during the day and 1-2 at night) for a total of 24.5-28 ounces/day).

  • During this time period, Ellington was transitioning from 3 naps/day to 2 naps/day. During his nap transitions, he has no schedule. He usually can be counted on to start his day at the same time every morning, but after that, its a crapshoot and I just go along until we find our new normal. It is frustrating, but I have found following his lead immensely less stressful than trying to impose a schedule on him.

6:30 am

Upon waking, Ellington has a 3.5oz bottle. If his last nighttime bottle was close to his waking time (say 5am), we may delay the morning bottle for an hour or so, while always following his hunger cues.

7:15 am

Breakfast: 5-6 mini two-ingredient pancakes topped with a thin layer of nut or seed butter + 1 tablespoon coconut yogurt + fruit (smushed blueberries, sautéed peach, applesauce, etc.)

Occasionally, I would split oatmeal with him in the morning, but he just doesn't seem to love oatmeal so I didn't force it (the two-ingredient pancakes have more protein anyways!)

9:00 am

Another bottle (about 2.5-3oz) and then a nap.

Rest of the Day

His second (and last) meal of the day was either lunch or dinner depending on what fit into his schedule. He had a 3.5 ounce bottle every 2.5-3 hours, and I offered him a meal if we was awake 30 minutes after a bottle. For example:

10:30 am - Wake up from nap

11:30 am - 3.5oz bottle

12:15am - Lunch

1:30 pm - Nap

2:15 pm - Wake up & 3.5oz bottle

4:30 pm - 3.5oz bottle

6:30 pm - 3.5oz bottle & bedtime

10:30 pm - 3.5oz bottle

2:30 am - 3.5oz bottle

For ease, I followed a rotation for the second meal:

Day 1: Curried Lentil Bake with fruit and/or steamed veggie

Day 2: Salmon with Starchy Carb (squash, sweet potato, carrots) w/ added fat (a bit of coconut milk or oil, or ghee stirred in) + steamed veggie

Day 3: Beef with the same as above

Day 4: Chicken with the same as above


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