Ellington's Eats: Eight Months Old

To see what Ellington was eating at seven months old, visit this post.

Ellington has been eating solids for about 3 months now. His meals are such an integral part of our daily routine that it is hard to remember the days of just bottles. He looks forward to his meals, and even gets agitated when he sees his ezpz mat come out, but he isn't in the highchair yet.

The recommendations I've seen are to have babies at three meals per day by 9 months old, working up to three meals + two snacks per day by 12 months old. Ellington started reaching for our meals and snacks more and more, so I tried adding in a third meal right before he turned 8 months old and it stuck! He also started sleeping through the night when I added the third meal. I don't know if it is the extra food, but I'm not going to mess with what's working!

Here is Ellington's current daily diet over a two-day period. I shared a Sunday - when the focus is on family and friend time, whether we are home or out and about, and a Monday - when Ellington and I are usually enjoying a quieter day at home.

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Day One (Sunday)

6:00am Wake Up & 3.25oz bottle

**Note: all of his bottles are breastmilk. Babies can often take less ounces of breastmilk than formula, and even for breastmilk it varies. We chose this amount based on some trial and error.

7:15am Breakfast

6 mini 2-ingredient pancakes topped with a thin layer of tahini

30 blueberries, smushed

2 tablespoons coconut yogurt

8:45am 3.25oz Bottle (pre-nap)

10:30am Snack

2 mini 2-ingredient pancakes

15 blueberries

We met friends for brunch and I brought these along as a snack in case he wanted something from our plates. Of course he did, and eagerly ate more pancakes and blueberries!

12:30pm 2.25oz bottle

We offered 3.25 ounces, but he left an ounce (finished it later as noted below).

1:15pm Lunch

1oz shredded chicken breast (reheated from the freezer)

1/2 small zucchini, diced & sautéed in avocado oil

10 blueberries

1 Once Upon a Farm pouch

1oz bottle (finished the 12:30pm bottle)

He ate all of the pouch (poured into ezpz plate for him) and the blueberries. He also ate most of the chicken and some of the zucchini. I normally wouldn't have offered him more blueberries (he would eat a pint a day if he could), but I was rushing to get him lunch before his nap and forgot I already gave him a bunch! Oh well!

3:00pm 3.25oz bottle post-nap

4:45pm 2.25oz bottle

We offered 3.25 ounces, but he left an ounce (finished it later as noted below).

5:15pm Dinner

1/4 cup split red lentils mixed with 1/2 avocado and a bit of cumin powder

3 tablespoons apple sauce

30 blueberries

OMG more blueberries. We had a ton of family over, and he was distracted and irritable meeting so many new people, so yeah, I gave him some blueberries on his plate. As soon as he saw them, he focused on dinner and calmed down! I want these food diaries to be realistic, not what I would ideally give him, so I am going to be completely upfront.

6:30pm 3.25oz bedtime bottle

Day Two (Monday)

6:15am Wake Up & 3.25oz bottle

7:15am Breakfast

1 egg scrambled with leftover diced zucchini and ghee

4 tablespoons applesauce

2 tablespoons coconut yogurt

He ate 1/2 of the scrambled egg, and I ate the other half. He ate all of the applesauce and coconut yogurt (at least what ended up in his mouth since he feeds himself!)

9:00am 3.25oz bottle (pre-nap)

11:30am 3.25oz bottle

12:15pm Lunch

1oz salmon (reheated from the freezer)

1 Once Upon a Farm pouch

1 very small sweet potato, roasted and blended with a splash of coconut milk

He ate all of this except some of the smaller bits of the salmon that he couldn't quite pick up.

3:00pm 3.25oz bottle pre-nap

4:45pm 3.25oz bottle

5:00pm Dinner

3/4 cup paleo Shepard's Pie

1/2 avocado

30 blueberries

He ate all of this! The Shepard's Pie is just grassfed ground beef with peas, carrots, tomato paste and roasted sweet potato. I made a large batch and froze it in those large ice cube silicone freezer trays!

7:30pm 3.25oz bedtime bottle

He fought bedtime, likely because he took a late nap, so he went to bed later than usual. Unfortunately, this did not translate into sleeping in!

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