2018 Gift Guide: New & Expecting Mothers

As a new mama, I am most excited to put together this gift guide! These are the gifts that people gave to me or looking back, I would've wanted to receive to make that transition easier. Of course, the best present you can give a new mother is time. Either watching her baby so she can shower, workout, or just go somewhere solo, or doing her dishes, grocery shopping or laundry so she can spend more time cuddling her new love without thinking about everything that needs to get done. But if you can't do that, or want to get her something a little extra, here are my best gifts for the new or expecting mother!

The First Forty Days. I read this book during my second and third trimesters and learned so much about honoring myself during that immediate postpartum time and deeply nourishing my body. I still use many of the principles and recipes during weeks I feel drained and need that extra care and nourishment.

Best of Beautycounter Holiday Set. With all the time and energy it takes to care for a new baby, most mothers put selfcare on the backburner. Postpartum is also the time that hormones are fluctuating wildly, and new skincare issues can arise. I suddenly had extremely dry skin postpartum after having oily skin my entire life. This set gives a new mom luxurious products and an excuse just to focus on herself. And Beautycounter excludes so many toxic chemicals from their products that the mother can rest assured that the products are safe for her and baby. P.S. If you are planning to make a Beautycounter purchase, email or DM me on instagram letting me know you are considering a purchase and I will let you know if there is a current promotion going on exclusively for gheeful subscribers (i.e. FREE products!).

Osso Good Bone Broth Package. New mothers need a ton of nutrients to replace what was lost during the pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. But this is usually the time when they have the least amount of time to prepare food! Warm, nourishing foods really build up the body and replace those nutrients. This package is perfect! I ate so much soup postpartum. I usually started with a soup or bone broth base and added chicken or lamb, quinoa, avocado, and fresh herbs.

Branch Basics Starter Set. A baby means more cleaning, and maybe a sudden awareness that the cleaning products you are using may be harmful for baby. This non-toxic cleaning set includes replaces so many products with just one concentrate and it works!

Indoor Plants. As a new mother, I suddenly found myself inside A LOT. Having plants around boosted my mood (its scientifically proven!) and brought the outside in. Get something that doesn't need a lot of attention. I love my snake plant because I only need to water it every 2-3 weeks! The snake plant is toxic for children or pets (as are most plants that detox the air) so just make sure to get one sized appropriately for a shelf vs. the floor.

Nice PJs like this set from Madewell. I LIVED in sweats after Ellington arrived (and still do, let's be honest)! Give a new mother sweatpants/joggers that are chic enough for her to be seen grabbing her Amazon Prime packages off the front porch, super comfortable for the awkward time postpartum, and low-maintenance (i.e. fine to be covered in spit up and thrown in the washer).

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