Gheeful High/Low: Adaptogen Latte

Welcome to a new series: Gheeful High/Low

Remember those design shows where they redid a designer room on the family's budget? (Anyone else love HGTV?!?!) Well, this series seeks to do the same thing, but for health and wellness!

I will share tips on how to save money on daily meals, how buying different brands or in bulk can affect the bottom line (including the difference between organic/grass-fed/pastured vs. conventional), and what ingredients I believe really impact health and are worth the investment.

I will also tackle showing you the monetary breakdowns for some of the latest health trends because I want to be transparent about how much the things you see filling instagram feeds cost, and because I want to offer ways to save money if you'd like to try the trend, but on a more budget-friendly scale!

Enter the Adaptogen Latte. When I first started focusing on my health, I dove head first into all of the fancy adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms hoping for a quick fix. Honestly, I don't believe adaptogens are necessary to be healthy. I believe eating real food, moving regularly, managing your stress, getting enough sleep, and being mindful of the products you allow in your life and your body are essential to finding health. Adaptogens are not going to make up for major deficits in these areas, but I do believe they can help for some issues.

I personally like to use my adaptogens in a morning bulletproof-like drink, and I am breaking down my original and current drink below.


This is the latte I made regularly about 3 years ago. I had a much larger budget at the time, and much larger health issues! And frankly way more time to make a morning drink without holding onto a little one at the same time!

P.S. The rose petals were just for the picture. When I first started instagramming + blogging, my husband liked to find cute props and extras for me to use in my photos. They are definitely unnecessary!


This is the latte I now make regularly. I still find comfort in the ritual of starting each day with a warm, healing, fat-filled drink. It really helps me manage my hunger throughout the day and gives me the boost of energy I need.

The low version is only 1/10th the cost of the original, and both versions are less than or comparable to many Starbucks drinks!


Here are the ways I reduced the price:

  1. Buy in bulk from Mountain Rose Herbs. I buy my ashwagandha and chaga powders there, rather than from other brands. Unlike buying in bulk most of the time, these larger versions are actually cheaper per serving AND cheaper overall, so they are a great choice even if you are just starting out.

  2. Pick your priorities. Narrow it down to the adaptogens you really need. As a new mama, supporting my adrenals (ashwagandha) and immune system (chaga) are most important. Now that I have other aspects of my health in check, I know I don't need all of those adaptogens on a daily basis. For reference, the other adaptogens in my original support hormonal balance, brain health, mental focus, energy levels, and skin health.

  3. Buy from Thrive Market. I buy our coconut oil and cacao powder from here and get a much better price than at physical stores. Note: I did not include the price of the Thrive subscription in the above, but we save way more than we pay, so it is worth it for us.

  4. Omit the collagen. This accounts for a very large part of the price. I really like a scoop of collagen per day for extra protein and I have seen a huge difference in my skin, nails and hair since I started taking it. I spend way less money on beauty products and choose to spend my money on collagen instead, but that is what works for me and where I find value.

  5. I also reduced the amount of cacao powder and swapped coconut butter for coconut oil (less fiber, but I get fiber elsewhere).

Now tell me: Have you been interested in trying adaptogens? Is seeing this breakdown of costs helpful for you?

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