Pregnancy: Weeks 33-36

9 MONTHS PREGNANT!!! Fingers crossed this is my last update before baby gheeful makes his arrival, but if I am still pregnant at 40 weeks, I will share another update!


My stress level has been pretty high during the third trimester. Lately, I've been way more anxious than excited, and I so worried that everything won't get done in time. I have been trying to get a lot of work done and filling my "free" time with baby prep. Everything from the last of the home projects to planning out my postpartum meals! Around week 35, I really felt like we were so close to being prepared that I started to finally RELAX.

We took our birth class, which included a lot of birth videos and I was caught off guard by how anxious the birth videos made me feel. They actually made me feel less confident in my ability to birth this baby! I think it was because the birth videos are shown from the birth attendant's perspective, while as the mama, I won't be watching my own birthing experience. I find I prefer to listen to or read birth stories told from the mother's perspective so I stopped watching birth videos and continued listening to birth stories (my favorite is the Birth Hour Podcast!)

We also did a prenatal partners yoga class which actually made me feel really empowered for labor and I would highly recommend it if you have one in your area. If you are in the SF Bay Area, we took Jane Austin's class at Yoga Tree Valencia and it was AMAZING!

We set up the crib and the stroller, and installed the car seat and these all just make it seem so much more real! I love walking by them every day and just thinking about life when he gets here!


All moving is hard, especially after 4pm. Getting out of bed, turning over in bed, getting up from the couch, its just all so much harder and requires so much more effort. Sometimes I feel the need to physically lift my bump up with my arms hahaha. But I guess that is what happens when a bunch of weight is attached to you.

Hot. Omg, I sleep so hot these days. Multiple nights I would wake drenched in sweat. This was SO ANNOYING since I was already waking to turn over and pee. Sometimes, the sheets were soaking and I had to move to the couch (even though our house was usually below 60 degrees at night). I found the pregnancy pillow was trapping a ton of heat (especially since my husband took to snuggling up against the other side...) so I kicked it out of the bed. I bought a small yoga bolster (which I sit on to support my pelvic floor while watching TV) and used that against my back to prevent me from rolling onto my back and then used a bunch of other pillows for my legs. I also learned to sleep with the comforter only barely covering the bump. While this seems crazy to do during the winter, it worked! My husband on the other hand has multiple blankets stacked on his side, and has to wear a hat and socks to bed!

Smaller bladder. I swear overnight I went from at least being able to be in the car for an hour or two before I needed the bathroom and now I can't at all! It isn't to awful, but it does make traveling by public transportation very difficult!

Energy boost. I had been feeling really tired since week 28. Not necessarily first trimester exhaustion, but not my usual energy level no matter what. And then when I hit week 35, I felt a big boost of energy, which is great so I can get all of the last things done!


In the last couple of weeks, I have had a few more cravings than before - mostly for cereal and oatmeal! These are two things that normally don't work for my body, but I tried them. Result? They still don't work for my body to make them every day additions to my diet. They are definitely a 1-2x/week thing for me. Otherwise, I have been trying to make sure I eat enough nutrients, especially protein, so that I feel nourished.


My body was asking for more rest, so I listened and stopped working out 6 times a week. Instead, I worked out when I felt like it and did what my body was craving, whether that was a walk outside, a treadmill incline walk, strength-training or yoga. I plan to do the same for the remainder of my pregnancy! Now is the time to really pamper myself; not to push myself.


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