Pregnancy: Weeks 29-32

32-week bump!

Well, the third trimester is definitely different than the second trimester! The bump feels heavier and heavier, getting around is tough, and my energy has certainly dropped.


Baby is moving way more than before! He doesn't really kick as much as peddles his feet a lot! I love feeling him move, and I already know I will miss this feeling.

The belly has also done a lot of growing! I feel so much bigger, and things like turning over in bed take a lot of effort! This makes sleep more difficult, but I finally feel used to not sleeping through the night anymore - this will be way more fun as soon as he gets here hahaha!

This growth and getting closer to my due date has also led to some hip pain. It is minimal, and only occurs when I first get up in the morning or have to put on socks but is definitely new. Also before I used to fold most of my maternity pants underneath the bump, but now I use the full bump coverage fabric for extra support. I feel so lucky to have such minimal pain and discomfort this pregnancy though that I cannot complain!


It seemed as soon as the third trimester hit, the extreme fatigue from the first trimester came back. However, I found that if I actually eat 3 meals and 2 snacks on schedule, I feel so much more energized. But we all know how difficult this can be when you have a full to-do list! I finally felt like I hit a wall, and spent much of week 32 concentrating more on self-care including eating every 2-3 hours and it made a HUGE difference!

Food aversions have also returned. They are to the same foods as the first trimester - mostly chicken, salmon and greens - and are still just as annoying. To eat around these and keep my energy up, I have started incorporating a lot more gluten-free toast, sprouted brown rice, lentils, grassfed lamb, and coconut butter.


I have felt increasingly tired for a number of reasons - less sleep, carrying around more weight, growing a human - so I am being more gentle with myself on workouts! It varies week to week, but I aim for a couple days of incline treadmill work, a couple days of strength-training, and one day of prenatal yoga.

I also spend time doing stretches designed to get the baby into the right position for labor and generally keep me from feeling too stiff!


We had two baby showers - one thrown in Los Angeles by my husband's family and another thrown here in Northern California by my family. We felt so loved and are getting even more excited to welcome baby gheeful!

This also helped us get the nursery ready! I had been feeling some nesting anxiety related to getting everything done before he gets here, and now I feel so much more prepared with most of the things we need. We still need a crib and crib mattress but we plan on cosleeping at the beginning so I am not too worried about this. I plan to check out the holiday sales for the last couple items to finish out the nursery.

We also started taking our birth classes. Suddenly, newborns went from looking fairly small to HUGE! But I still have complete faith in my body to birth this baby. I think it is just getting more and more real!

I have also started planning postpartum more, especially my pantry. Now that most of the baby prep is done, I am focusing on myself and what I will need postpartum, including stocking the freezer with vegetables to roast, stocking the pantry with healing foods, and stocking my wardrobe with clothing that is both comfortable and won't make me feel like a slob! I will share my favorites after they pass the test postpartum!


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