Pregnancy: Weeks 25-28

The second trimester was truly the “golden middle” for me! Most of the time I did not feel pregnant until he kicked or until late in the evening when the aches and pains finally caught up with me!


Sleep these last few weeks has become increasingly difficult. About 50% of the time I sleep through the entire night (yay!!) and the other 50% I am either wide awake in the wee hours or tossing and turning all night desperately trying to find a comfortable position. I take a magnesium supplement prior to bed, which helps, but sometimes it just is what it is!

I have had Braxton Hicks contractions for a bit now, but they are picking up. They still don’t hurt but certainly happen more frequently now and are signaling me to rest more than I usually do.

Baby gheeful’s kicks and squirms are also getting stronger. He loves kicking the top of my uterus with his little feet, kind of like he is walking and pushing his butt out giving me quite the lopsided bump!

18 weeks vs. 27 weeks

Emotionally, I have also felt a shift. I have always loved this baby, but I found it difficult to love the actual being growing in me vs. the idea of him. Perhaps it was because of the previous miscarriage, but around week 27, I felt a distinct shift towards loving the little boy currently residing in me. I find myself practically bursting when I talk to him or try to calm him down or tell him about the world waiting for him (cue the tears).

I also felt sad for several days for no reason. I just felt like crying for no reason and often did, and then just felt so unmotivated to get anything done. We took a couple of our childhood toys out of the closet for the nursery, and put little blankets that my mom knit around the nursery and that made me feel happier. Hormones + anxiety of all the things we need to get done before he gets here are quite the mix!

Food + Workouts

I am definitely increasing my carb intake – larger portions of quinoa, brown rice, or sweet potatoes – to help keep my energy levels up, but otherwise my diet looks pretty similar to weeks 20-24.

Due to the wild fires here in Northern California, I skipped my workouts for about a week because the air quality was pretty bad. After it improved, I continued with treadmill workouts 3 times a week, strength training workouts 2 times a week and prenatal yoga once a week.


I was pretty anxious about my gestational diabetes test, and while I am still waiting for my results, the test went better than expected! Most OBs offer the glucola test, but I was uncomfortable about consuming the ingredients in glucola. My midwife allowed me to do the test with organic juice, but I was still worried about drinking 50 grams of sugar in 10 minutes, especially given my low sugar intake.

I was prepared to have jitters, nausea, and to crash as my sugar levels plummeted, but I was able to avoid the crash and I felt okay all day! Whew!


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