Pregnancy: Weeks 19 & 20

I cannot believe this pregnancy is already halfway (ish) over!! The weeks are just flying by!


The mere realization of the fact I am halfway done has sent me into a sort of nesting panic where I just want everything ready for baby gheeful’s arrival RIGHT NOW. My husband and family painted the nursery, but then I just wanted to clean the floors and clear the closet and organize the kitchen. I thought nesting would be the peaceful washing of tiny onesies and putting together the crib, but this is more like overwhelming anxiety that everything won’t get done before he gets here.

It all feels like too much, but then baby gheeful starts kicking and squirming and I melt. I am able to feel many more kicks and squirms and flips, and even Mr. Gheeful felt him kick (or punch or whatever) for the first time! We were at his favorite annual jazz concert in Los Angeles, and baby gheeful was really active so I grabbed his hand and he felt a kick!

Speaking of Los Angeles, if I thought I could make it through the second trimester at my pre-pregnancy speed, that trip taught me the truth. Even though I don’t have a huge bump, carrying a little extra weight, spending 12 hours driving from place to place, visiting family and friends, eating every meal out, and finding bathrooms everywhere was exhausting! I learned that I have to embrace the art of slow living during my pregnancy. It is frustrating to do less than I did before, but I recognize that I am also growing a human – something I have never done before – and that this phase requires adjustments.

Also, I have developed an obsessive attachment to my sister’s kitten. She has had her for several months and I sometimes feed and play with her when my sister works late, but now I just want to see her Every. Single. Day. I have always been an animal person – my husband jokes that I am an animated character that just attracts all the woodland creatures – but now I just need to take care of all the babies! Since this kitten is only 10 minutes from me, I drive over several times a week to see her and text to check in on her when I don’t. My sister finds this hilarious and I figure it is just the mama instincts coming in HARD.

Food Cravings

These have definitely decreased, and are usually non-existent. Some days I want salty chips and some days I want chocolate, but these cravings feel no stronger than pre-pregnancy food cravings and not strong enough to send my husband to the store if we don’t have what I want.

What I Actually Ate

I started increasing my carbs even more as I crave more, but I pretty much stuck to the same diet from weeks 17 + 18.


Pre-pregnancy I ran occasionally, and I have felt the urge to do the same in these past couple of weeks. Since I don’t feel running is the safest option for me (not being a regular runner), I have added in walking treadmill workouts. These give me the option of adding an incline/speed plus being close to a bathroom. So now my weekly workouts are:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: Treadmill for 45 minutes + 15 minutes of strength training and stretching afterwards

Tuesday and Thursday: 30-45 minutes of strength training

Saturday: pre-natal yoga

Sunday: rest


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