Pregnancy: Weeks 5 to 16

my bump at 16 weeks!

This post documents weeks 5 through 16 with our first baby!

The second trimester is definitely easier than the first and I am happy to now be in the "magic middle"!


My first trimester symptoms let up around week 10. Up until then, I had extreme fatigue and nausea that only subsided when I ate every 1-2 hours. I found food to be difficult during the first trimester because most of the foods I usually enjoy - vegetables, leafy greens, whole grains and meat - were off limits. All I really wanted were bagel bites, potato chips, bread, cereal and pasta. After a bit, I finally decided to just give in to the cravings, especially when I also found I had aversions to all fruit!

I also experienced constipation like many mamas do, and included more fiber, chia seeds and prunes in my diet as needed.

Otherwise, I had a lot of emotional ups and downs. As this pregnancy is also quickly following our miscarriage, the first trimester was filled with a lot of fear and internal debate about whether I should get attached or not. Most of this has let up since we entered the second trimester.


I am starting to feel overwhelmed by all there is to do before baby gets here. There is so much to research, and purchase, and a lot of home projects to complete.

With my energy returning, I want to do all the things!

The Bump

Oh he’s there alright! I ordered a bunch of maternity clothes options online at stores with free shipping and returns now that the bump has arrived. So far, maternity jeans are awful. I found one pair from Topshop that actually stays up and the denim is soft, so they may become my only pair!


I was not able to workout much during the first trimester as I was just too exhausted. But now, I am working out 5-6 days a week. Monday through Friday, I choose to either walk 2-3 miles or do 30 minutes of strength workouts at home (think squats, light weights, lunges, etc.). On Saturday, I go to prenatal yoga and then I take Sundays off.

I was actually apprehensive about prenatal yoga. I am typically a barre or running girl, but I also wanted to incorporate exercise that was more about stretching and alignment rather than just building muscle. I also wanted to try out a class specifically for expecting mamas. A friend asked me to go along, so I went, and turns out I LOVE it! My back felt so much better after one class, and I actually started sleeping better after two classes thanks to sleeping position suggestions from the instructor. And the community of 50 mamas in one room and the idea of increasing our flexibility and strength in preparation for motherhood just got me! This is definitely something I will keep up as long as I can.


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